The Top Five European Domestic Leagues Ranked

The Top Five European Domestic Leagues Ranked

Whether Premier League or Championship betting, half the fun of football gambling is betting on a top match and then biting your nails for the 90 minutes. This joyous-to-some experience is only heightened further if you have some real quality football to watch at the same time. Normally, betting on the best teams in each league is the way to increase the chances of winning. Nevertheless, in certain parts of the world, there aren’t enough top sides in their respective leagues for there to be many top clashes. 

By contrast, the best domestic leagues for betting are those where there are a few top teams that will meet each other for 90 minutes of world class football and hotly contested victories. There are only a handful of leagues across Europe that fall into this category. In fact, there are commonly thought be only five: the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga, the French Ligue 1, the German Bundesliga, and the Italian Serie A. It is these five leagues that are statistically the most successful, which are easily the best known, and which don’t seem to be in any danger of losing their position any time soon. All that’s left to do is to rank them. 

  1. Ligue 1 (France) 

Last in, first out? Well, the number five position the French Ligue 1 finds itself in may appear secure for now, but the Portuguese league is knocking at the door. There is little doubt that Ligue 1 does not quite match up to the others in terms of overall quality, but this is not to say that it isn’t an exciting competition. It is, and it is well worth watching. 

The reason Ligue 1 is in the top five and the reason it is the lesser of the five are one and the same – Paris Saint Germaine. PSG have won seven out of ten titles over the last decade. Being dominated by a single super-wealthy club (second place Lyon are nowhere close in terms of financial muscle) means that Ligue 1 has produced some of the world’s top players thanks solely to the signings of PSG. This is what guarantees Ligue 1 a place in the top five, but the lack of competition ensures it stays stuck in the fifth spot and may well possibly fall out soon. 

  1. Serie A (Italy)

It’s so very easy to romanticise Italian football, and older spectators will certainly remember when the Serie A was a serious contender for the best league in Europe. Unfortunately, the league is going through something of a nadir (while maintaining a standard of international excellence). 

Essentially, the situation is the same as Ligue 1 – a single very rich club dominates, meaning that while there are great players, there is a lack of real meaningful domestic competition. The difference between the Italian and French leagues is that while Ligue 1 is for the most part dominated by PSG, Juventus are not quite such a singular force in Italy. For one thing, the two Milan clubs have dominated in the past and are only lying dormant for now, so the potential for real competition is there. More generally speaking, the quality of football in Serie A is, on average, higher than Ligue 1. 

  1. Bundesliga (Germany) 

Just like PSG and Juventus, Bayern Munich have totally dominated their domestic league for about a decade now. Unlike Ligue 1 and Serie A though, the Bundesliga is actually much more competitive and of higher average quality. And this is simply because the lower ranked teams are not quite so far behind as their counterparts in France and Italy are. 

The Bundesliga also has a particularly large audience both inside and outside of the German-speaking countries. Moreover, there is simply more money for top players – and it is better spread amongst the teams than elsewhere. In other words, Bayern dominate, but not quite so much as PSG and Juventus, and the league has seen some serious contenders, like RB Leipzig and Borussia Dortmund. 

  1. La Liga (Spain)

Moving on from Germany to Spain, we finally leave behind the problem that plagues Ligue 1, Serie A, and the Bundesliga – the one-horse race. In La Liga, suddenly we have the titans of Real Madrid and Barcelona (with Atletico Madrid snapping at their heels) who not only put up a genuine challenge to each other domestically, but who are nearly always among the favourites to win the Champions League too. 

Such a high profile and such success spread across more than a single club naturally means that the combined purchasing power of La Liga is significantly more than in the previous three leagues. This means that as well as being a properly competitive league, it is home to some of the best players in the world too. 

  1. The Premier League (England) 

The English Premier League seems to have it all. It is a properly competitive league, with giants such as Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, and Manchester City all putting up a challenge to each other. It has more clubs that can compete in the transfer market than any other league, it has some of the world’s best players, and its clubs frequently win European competitions. 

The Premier League is also the most watched league in world (although the Bundesliga is actually the best physically attended) and it is probably the most famous too. It appears that the Premier League’s position at the top remains secure for the foreseeable future.


Source: 1000 Goals.

Source: 1000goals

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